by John F. Williams, Autumn 2019

Photos & video by John F. Williams except where noted


By John F. Williams, Autumn 2019

Photos &  video by John F. Williams except where noted


This issue contains a couple of very informative articles about mushrooms and some other articles about things that are closely tied to mushrooms in our forest ecosystem.

This photo essay showcases some additional photos I had, especially ones that raise some informal questions or observations

animals and mushrooms

That’s a pretty big chunk missing from the mushroom above! I don’t know who’s eating what, but here are some more pictures that raise questions.

And it seems like it’s not all that unusual to find insects perched on mushrooms. What are they doing there? Resting, or getting ready for a meal?

It looks like there’s been some munching action going on here…

Here’s a short video by Cameron Snow showing some mushroom harvesting, and that’s followed by some photos showing mushrooms changing with age.

Below is a brief look at how some puffball mushrooms change as they grow up, starting with the youngest and ending with mature puffballs ready to broadcast their spores.

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I shared those insights by making educational films and through lecture tours. Now, I’ve created Salish Magazine to extend that notion of sharing insights by offering a wealth of articles that are keyed to the observable, but pull back the curtains to reveal the invisible.



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